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Statement mirrors are having a moment. From traditional French mirrors with decorative gilding and ornate detailing to striking modern mirrors with clean geometric lines, mirrors are statement pieces of furniture that complement any room, bringing in more light, brightening up space, and adding some sparkle to your home. We have the top 5 mirror styles that will give your room that wow factor to your home decoration.

  • Neo Classical mirror : This Classic English style mirror is the king of all traditional mirror styles, with handsome features, decorated in silver or gold gilding. The frame has flat fluted sides, Acanthus leaf decorations, and a shallow frieze, customisable with your choice of bows or studs. For a modern twist on a traditional king, this mirror looks great in a silver finish and is perfect for a period conversion. This mirror is a stunning addition to any living room, ideally fitting over a mantlepiece.



  •  Art Deco style is characterised a Modern 20th Century iconic design style, with geometric details and clean lines. Mirrors in this style are bold and glamourous. They range from a more understated Parallels mirror to a stunning panel mirror, they are the perfect contemporary statement piece. Art mirror styles from our contemporary collection are versatile and fit any room, from traditional to contemporary, from the kitchen wall mirror to a bedroom mirror, or a modern addition to your mantlepiece!


  • A TV mirror: TV mirrors  are the ultimate showstopper. Elegant and impressive, combining cutting-edge technology with elegant mirror styles. The TV mirror was designed to solve the modern dilemma of choosing either a TV or a Mirror for space, Overmantels combine both TV and Mirror with our specialist glass and traditional craftsmanship, we make Tv mirrors that provide the ideal solution for a modern home entertainment system. TV mirrors never fail to impress, we can make them bespoke sizes and styles to suit any space.


  • A mirror wall: A mirror wall will transform a room, creating a trompe-l’oeil effect and visually doubling the space of the room. Install these along the wall for a bespoke indoor home gym. Watch your favourite show while you exercise! We designed and made this bespoke project and indoor gym for Aspire Luxury Properties. Our TV mirror wall combines home entertainment and the finest technology. It elevates any room, creating more space and light for the perfect workout area!


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