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Even the smallest room in your house can be improved by our stylish mirrors.


Every bathroom requires a mirror as an essential piece for one of the smallest rooms in the house – not only does this create the illusion of light and space, it also reflects character through the home interior.


Everyone’s home interior is unique to them – luckily, we have a wide range of styles to help you find the right frame for your space, whether it’s the Master En Suite, or the little downstairs loo! From sleek, minimal designs, to luxuriously ornamental antiques, or with illuminated with lights – at Overmantels, we have a bathroom mirror for everyone!



One of the most popular bathroom mirror styles is this minimal design with illuminating LED lights. These mirrors are perfect for creating an ambience while providing light – making you look as good as ever! Frameless mirrors can come in any shape, created flawlessly for you.

LED illuminated bathroom mirrors are a fantastic solution for a contemporary look. They are also really effective in small spaces, as you can combine the lighting element within the mirror, avoiding the need for cumbersome light fixtures.

LED lights can be easily added to any mirror design. Whether glowing from behind the glass to create a ‘halo’ effect, or shining through frosted glass panels, LED lights are a truly stylish addition to any bathroom mirror. LED lights can be fitted to dimmer switches, for a really flattering, gentle glow.


Bathroom mirrors can be a great opportunity to think out of the box! These small spaces give us an opportunity to explore and be brave in our choices. One really effective way to spruce up your loo is with a decorative bathroom mirror. Ornamental mirrors add interest and opulence to an often overlooked space.

For a lick of luxury, why not try an intricately decorative design in the downstairs loo? Tiny spaces like this are a great opportunity to let loose and have a bit of fun with your decorative decisions.

Our Decorative Cartouche Oval Mirror fits beautifully over this his-and-hers basin. The soft pastel colours are calming and neutral, allowing the fine mouldings of the frame to take centre stage.

No37 Gilt Oval bathroom


One really smart and space-saving option for a bathroom mirror is to create a glazed wall. This is where glass is cut precisely to size, and stuck directly to the wall for a completely frameless, bespoke effect.

This is particularly effective when done with antique patina style glass – have a look at this installation we completed on behalf of Alison Henry Interiors. Here, a softly patinated glass floods the wall space above the sink, tucking smartly behind the light fittings, and even the window ledge!

A bespoke installation like this can look effortlessly chic, and allows for maximum glass coverage, ensuring you get plenty of light bouncing around the space. A great solution for a bathroom mirror where you have little space, and require the greatest effect.


It’s always useful to have hidden storage, particularly in a bathroom. Being able to store your bits and bobs behind your bathroom mirror is a really useful trick.

We are able to produce bathroom mirrors which act like cabinet doors, concealing the hidden storage space inside. In this installation for HLH Design, the storage space is recessed into the wall, for an even more streamlined look. An ultra-slim, elegant metal frame gives a weightless look, with little pull-tabs to open the cupboard doors, ensuring no grubby fingerprints on your lovely bathroom mirror.



You can choose from our range of mirrors or request a completely bespoke design. Do you have an idea you want to see come to life? Or a design you want to recreate? Our team of craftsmen can put their minds to anything you might require, tailor-made to fit your space.

For example, these Moroccan Style bathroom mirrors were custom made for this client. The shape, size and colour are all bespoke to this particular space, and the brief the client wanted to fulfill.

Having our own master craftsmen and production facilities means we can create any bespoke bathroom mirror you can think of. Just send us you inspiration, and our Sales team will be able to quote you for your design.


Finally, one of the most advanced and exciting bathroom mirrors you can have is of course a mirror with a TV in it! Whether you want to watch the News in the morning while brushing your teeth, or relax and watch Netflix with your evening bath, a TV Mirror in a bathroom can be a really luxurious addition to your home.

When installing a TV Mirror in a bathroom mirror, we use specialist IP Rated Waterproof televisions, which are resistant to water damage and corrosion. These TVs come in a range of sizes, so however much space you have available, there will be a suitable screen size for you.  Contact our Sales team to discuss how you can go about fitting a TV into your bathroom mirror.

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