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The Overmantels TV mirror range was conceived in response to a contemporary design dilemma: offering a solution to complement the look of any room.  Our clients have beautiful, carefully thought out homes.  We understand how a mirror can help light up a room and work as a stand-out focal point.  Televisions, having become ever larger, are superb for cinema quality viewing but detract from an otherwise elegant room. Our solution gives you the pleasure of home entertainment contained behind your choice of a stylish and refined mirror.

Huge Range of Mirror TV’s

Our TV mirrors are designed to ensure that today’s large flat-screen TVs do not dominate a room, and that your mirror rather than your TV, becomes the focal point of your space.

The highest specification state-of-the art glass is used to ensure pixel perfect entertainment viewing when the screen is on, yet see only mirror reflection when off. HD, 4K and 8K viewing are undisturbed.

Our TV Mirrors combine the very best in mirror design, traditional mirror making and expert craftsmanship with the latest entertainment technologies. Art, design, light, functionality and entertainment – all in one.

We can incorporate most flat screen TV models into our TV Mirrors. We highly recommend the Samsung QLED range, but can also work with Sony, LG, Panasonic,  Phillips and other leading brands.

Over 80 TV behind mirror styles to choose from or made fully bespoke to your guidelines.

• Lead times are between 10-12 weeks, depending on the frame style and size
• Free technology choice: You choose the TV model & size you want and we will tailor the mirror to fit.
• Easy and Simple Installation – we can take care of all aspects of TV & Mirror set-up & installation. A wire-free home installation takes only a few hours.
• We deliver all over the UK and internationally.
•Full multi-media solution – DVDs/ Sky/ HD/ 3D/ Play Station… all the add-ons you like! Plus super smart TV features: 4K/HD/3D viewing, on-demand TV (iPlayer, Netflix etc). Even use your TV as a PC for online shopping or Skype in the mirror.
• TV remains easily accessible for maintenance or upgrade down the line.

tv mirror example

Whatever the state of your home, from a building site to fully decorated, we can hide all your cables and install your TV Mirror with minimum disruption.

If you wish to use your own electricians, we begin by specifying the cables you will require, and issuing a drawing showing where these cables are to be installed. We will then install the TV Mirror  work has been completed.

These cables are chased from the location of your electrical units, such as a  Sky Box, AppleTV, DVD player etc, to the position you would like to install the TV mirror.

We offer a nationwide one-day installation, wherein our AV partners GSL will come to your home in the morning, chase your walls and install your cabling, making good their work. Then, in the afternoon, our team of installers will hang your TV and Mirror, and make sure it is fully functional before leaving. Please ask contact our Team for a quote.

Q) How good is the picture quality?
The TV Mirror glass does not affect clarity or brightness. 4K UHD and 3D formats are unaffected. We recommend the more recent high series QLED models of Samsung. TV viewing from acute side angles has some light distortion so this is not ideal viewing position.

Q) How good is the sound quality?
The frames have inbuilt ventilation, which releases the sound from behind the mirror. In small rooms, the inbuilt TV speakers are usually sufficient. In larger spaces, external sound systems are recommended for a cinema-like experience. Many AV solutions are available, including Bluetooth soundbars which can be easily and wirelessly connected.

Q) What else can I connect to my mirror?
Sky/ Apple TV/ DVDs/ play stations etc – none of the functionality of the TV is reduced due to the Mirror.

Q) What size of TV will fit inside a mirror?
Almost any TV size is possible! We have made TV Mirrors from 19” to 88” sets but we can even go larger. Our Standard Size frames fit TVs from 32” – 55” depending on the style selected but, more importantly, we can tailor any of our mirrors to suit your space or specified TV dimensions. Contact us with your wall or fireplace measurements and we can advise the best frame fit and what size TV that frame will accommodate. The most economical and expedient option is to select from our standard mirror ranges, which typically fit a TV up to 49” (and often larger).

Q) Does the TV-mirror provided include the TV?
No, the TV is additional. You choose the TV you want and we will build you a custom frame that will be tailor-made specifically to fit your model. We want you to have the widest market choice available for your slim-line LED TV hence we have only a few selection criteria – see below.

Q) Which TV’s can be used inside Overmantels TV mirrors?
Our TV mirrors work with most modern thin screen LED TVs but we do have a few simple requirements:

• We can only work with LED TVs – not plasma as it emits too much heat.

• It must be thin – for a flush-to-the-wall fit.

• No protruding parts – there should not be a big depth gap between the TV screen and the surrounding ‘bezel’ edge nor a protruding name badge etc.

Q) Can I use my existing TV?
Perhaps – please see the answer above. If it meets these simple requirements then it should be no problem. If in doubt, contact us!

Q) Do you have any slim line TV recommendations?
Samsung remains the brand leader in the smart LED TV market on basis of excellent screen quality and functionality. We also work with other leading brands, such as Panasonic, Sony and LG. The models are updated regularly so it is best to check with us for the latest recommendations.

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