special projects

Overmantels regularly take on work in addition to its standard catalogue offering. We specialise in glazing projects, wall cladding and gilding projects.

We can create an entire elevation of glass, bespoke to fit your space, featuring a TV of your choice. Possibilities include glass fitted into panelling or beading, or even entire chimney breasts clad in glass.

With such a large surface area, you can fit even the largest TV screen. Please contact one of our team for more information.

We template and install glazed walls in a variety of spaces; from Restaurants and Offices to Gyms and Dance studios.
Please contact one of our team for more information.

Verre Eglomise is a wonderfully versatile process. The designs, colours and textures seamlessly blend in to the most contemporary or ancient home - we have commissioned several large mural sized panels, with our clients working with our artist directly, to ensure our product matches their imagination exactly.

Great for improving the feeling of space and enhancing natural light, you'll find a range of mirrors to suit both traditional and contemporary décor. This No37 Decorative Gilt Oval Mirror is a classic example of our mirrors looking outstanding in a bathroom setting.

This dramatic mirror is the first of our range of Garden Suitable mirrors. The shatter effect shown compliments the branches and random growth of nature. The frame was designed to work with a pre-exisiting bench, although the mosaic glass effect can be used in any of our mirrors.

Garden mirrors bring light into cramped spaces and a well placed mirror can add a new dimension to a garden. The combination of sunlight and glass will bring an ethereal feel to any garden, no matter what its size.

An illusion mirror can create dramatic effects such as appearing to be a garden gate in a wall or hedge or a window, but whichever you choose, an outdoor mirror is transformative.

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