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Our mirrors don’t need to be confined to the home. We also do a range of garden mirrors suitable for outdoor spaces.


Mirrors have gained popularity over the years as a necessity for garden furniture and accessories. Adding a mirror to your garden would be a great addition to your outdoor space as it will allow you to get creative with the aesthetic of your exterior, playing with frame styles and glass types that compliment your outdoor space.

Whether you want to make a statement with your garden mirror, add elegance to your exterior or conceal part of a fence – garden mirrors are beneficial for many reasons. Garden mirrors bring space into cramped areas and a well-placed mirror can add a new dimension to your garden. As well as creating an illusion of depth and space, garden mirrors amplify natural light – especially in darker areas of the garden.

Garden Mirrors

The combination of sunlight and glass will bring an ethereal feel to any garden, no matter what the size is. An illusion mirror can create dramatic effects such as appearing to be a garden gate in a wall or hedge or a window, but whichever you choose, an outdoor mirror is transformative.

Have a look at the images of our Garden Mirror! This dramatic mirror is the first of our range of Garden Suitable mirrors. The shatter effect shown compliments the branches and random growth of nature. As you can see shattered glass isn’t always a tragedy! The frame was designed to work with a pre-existing bench, although the mosaic glass effect can be used in any of our mirrors. Our designers and craftsmen can help you envision your garden mirror project – contact our team for more information, design options and quotations.

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