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2021’s much loved new trend Cottage-core has entered the world of interiors. With people moving to the countryside and the desire for the outdoors increasing, much needed escapism and wholesome country living has found its way into home decor. 

What is Cottagecore? A romantic design style, cottage core rejects modernism and includes traditional “cottage” style home, with influences of nature and the countryside. The aesthetic is defined by the following attributes: 


    • TRADITIONAL ENGLISH OR FRENCH STYLE: Think English Victorian, Georgian, Edwardian Interiors with traditional period features and antiques. Our range of English Mirrors are perfect for adding a touch of grandeur to Cottage-core. For a touch of French romanticism, a traditional French Style Mirror with decorative details is both pretty and elegant. 


    • OPEN FIRES AND FIREPLACES: A fireplace sets the mood for this style, lighting an open fire any time of year will bring warmth and cosiness into any home. Archtop mirrors look perfect over a traditional English fireplace. 


    • VINTAGE AND ANTIQUE MIRRORS: This year has seen a rise in Vintage and Antiques, with a range of Antique mirrors, they are the perfect decor for this rustic country style. 


    • COUNTRY COTTAGE COLOURS: Dark green, duck egg blues, dusty pink, muted yellows and warm whites, earthy neural and wildflower colours.


    • GREENERY AND FLORALS: Pretty floral prints, dried flowers, leafy settings, and bringing the outside and nature inside are key to this trend.


    • WHOLESOME TABLE SETTINGS: Imagine checked colorful table cloths elegant glassware and tableware with delicious wholesome lunches, in an idyllic outdoor setting sitting al fresco in the summer sun.A garden mirrorcan be a lovely addition to an outdoor setting, creating space and light and an imaginative “Through The Looking Glass” escapist atmosphere.



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