An inspiring way to update an antique mirror is to turn it into a TV mirror. If you already own an antique gem that has been sitting in the house for decades, or are a fan of antique furniture and mirrors, adding a TV to your mirror can be a perfect way of modernising a cherished household treasure.

Adding a TV to an existing frame is easy, we simply adapt and swap the mirror glass for specialist TV mirror glass and select the right TV size to embed the TV into the Antique mirror. Then extensions are added to the back of the frame to cover the back of the TV. The process can take a few weeks and turns a stunning heirloom into a modernised home entertainment system and TV mirror. TV off, the Antique frame remains in tact with its historic details and fine craftsmanship. TV on, the TV mirror reveals a classic home cinema.

Most people don’t realise that you can keep your Antique frame an update it. We offer several services surrounding Antique mirrors: restoration, Antique TV mirror conversion, antique mirror sourcing and we also sell antique mirrors. For the finest Antique mirrors from early 17th century to Edwardian period style mirrors, we offer a range of antique frames. They can we updated as TV mirrors for the ultimate period conversion piece.


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