TV Mirrors

The classic English Archtop with a modern twist! Our Archtops are our first and most popular style - the ideal complement to a Victorian fireplace.  With your TV inside, you can reclaim the focal point in the room and watch the fire or the TV but loose the detracting black TV box!

This versatile shape can also be hung as a free hanging wall mirror.  Our range varies from the paired-back classic shape (e.g.No5 or No5G) (which lends to a more contemporary feel through choice of finish) to the more ornate end (e.g. No7), which complement more delicate surrounds.

Simply pick your frame preferences, take your space dimensions and ideal TV size and we will be happy to give you a quote.


Our ecclectic contemporary styles, from geometric Art Decos to the dancing light of the Eglomise range, have been married with our TV glass to stunning effect. 

We have also made contemporary interpretations of some of our Traditional frames such as the No43 Adam Border 

Almost all of our Contemporary Mirror styles can be made as TV Mirrors: simply pick your favourite style and TV size and we will be happy to quote you.

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Our beautifully proportioned English mirrors carefully reproduce classic styles from Queen Anne, Georgian and Regency to late Victorian styles.

These classical styles, steeped in tradition, are the perfect compliment to our newest glass technology whereby at the click of a button the mirror jumps to life! 

Our TV mirrors reflect our unflinching dedication to provide only the highest quality pieces. Our highly specialist glass transmits crystal sharp TV pictures when on and leave a flawless mirror reflection when off.

Our specialist TV mirror glass you can combine the benefits of home entertainment with a work of art - the focal attention remains on the carefully thought out room rather than the black technology box!

All of our English Styles can be made as TV Mirrors: simply pick your favourite style, take your space dimensions and TV size and we will be happy to quote you. The standard sizes in this range fit TVs 48- 50" and upwards so TV dimension should not be a constraining factor for any of this range.

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Our French collection houses is animated by the luxury and glamour characteristic of the 19th Century French style.  For the ultimate touch of class select your mirror to secretly house a TV and you gain a stunning room centre piece and an entertainment viewing screen in one.

Our French designs uses the most distinctive French shape of the era: rectangular with soft radial corners.  A harmonious shape that blends the softness of the English archtop and the grandeaur of the rectangular English collection

The collection varies from the understaded (No22, No22A, and No50 to the outright opulant No51 and No23).  

Our Specials collection houses two other very distinctive French shapes, which can also incorporate a TV serpentine shaped top (No17) and the earlier panel mirror known as Trumeau.

All mirrors in our French collection can come with our specialist mirror TV glass and in standard sizes can house TVs up to 55" in diammeter, depending on the frame in question.  All sizes are adjustable.

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Frame and conceal your TV within one of our 18th Century Pier Glasses or other Rectangular mirrors.  These versatile shapes can be hung anywhere you want to position your TV whilst also gaining a beautiful piece of reflective wall art.  These styles have the option of the TV screen filling the frame to the very edge - a really stand out effect.  

One of the largest collections of frieze moulds from the 18th & 19th Centuries now have TV's in them.

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Our Pier Glasses are characterised by their classical friezes above the glass.  Overmantels has one of the largest collections of original and authentic frieze moulds.

Overmantels frieze collection includes the very classic Swag & Bows, the frivolously fun Nymphs or Chariot friezes, the pretty anthemion chains or the delicate rose lattice.  The background colour can be painted to match your own decorative schemes for a very bespoke finish