English Mirrors

Our beautifully proportioned English mirrors carefully reproduce classic styles from Queen Anne, Georgian and Regency to late Victorian styles.

The range includes some of our most popular styles which easily blend with contemporary taste.

Imposing yet versitile, they can be positioned over fireplaces, as free hanging wall mirrors, above a piece of furniture or as extra tall floor standing mirrors.

Sale Price: £1,436

The large Neo Classical mirror is one of our most popular frames - straight forward, refined and timeless. 

The frame has flat fluted sides and a shallow freize of ribbon bows and leaf decorations.  

It is a popular choice for above mantelpieces in reception rooms making a stunning focal point.  Equally the classic simplicity of this design lends itself to play a supporting role over consoles and side tables.  For a free hanging wall mirror, we can amend the frame so all edges are rounded for a continuous border.

Decorative elements can be customised or removed for a more paired down look.  

Sale Price: £1,829

Large 19th century Beidermeier style mirror. We have replaced the traditional veneer panels with glass, to give the frame a crisp, contemporary feel while still staying true to the clean lines and utilitarian postures of its historical roots. The frame is finished with some beautiful acanthus leaf mouldings, and bold scrolls on the columns.

This mirror is also available in Mahogany (£2,120) or Maple (£2,060) or with a polished veneer finish, a silver or gold gilt wood frame (£1,790) is another option for the recessed side panels.

The Biedermeier period refers largely to the artistic styles, moods and trends that arose during the historical period of disruption and change sweeping across central Europe between 1815 (the Napoleonic Wars ending with Congress of Vienna) and revolutionary year of 1848. 

In furniture design the Biedermeier emphasis on clean lines and minimal ornamentation.  In its early stages it represented a rebellion against Romantic-era fussiness but it progressed to increasingly ornate commissions reflecting the growing wealth and ostentation of the emergent middle classes.

Sale Price: £1,836

This Large Regency Mirror in Neoclassical style is a stunning reception room mirror - that makes a grand central statement.  

This mirror has a central block Capital to top as standard, but which can be removed if requested. It is rich with embellishment and decorative details such as Acanthus leaf capitals and highly decorative side stems with foxglove molding at base.

Named for George IV’s “regency” (1811-1820), the Regency style dominated English taste in furniture between the years 1800 and 1830.  In furniture design it represents the peak of Neo-classical style, drawing faithfully from classical precedents in ancient Greek and Roman furniture.  It has analogies with Georgian Styles and the Empire style in France which started this desire to revive the grandeur of Rome.  It is typified by embellished adornments and extravagant detailing, use of marquetry and inlays and neoclassical motifs such as acanthus and anthemion leaves.

Sale Price: £1,264

This early 19th century Regency style mirror represents understated grandeur.  The Regency style authentically revived the opulence and ornate richness of the Roman style.

This example of the Neo-Classical style is tall and elegant with half round fluted columns and cannonballs interspaced along the top.

A very versatile design that can be positioned above a mantelpiece or side table or as a freehanging wall mirror or a floor standing mirror.

Sale Price: £1,990

Classical and opulent, this panel mirror embodies a celebration of NeoClassical splendour with a richly gilded frame and fluted columns taking the eye to the carved acanthus leaves at the top. The piece boasts six panels which can come with 24mm bevel edge glass for extra sparkle and lustre.  

This splendid mirror is perhaps the zenith piece of our English NeoClassical range.  It is not the largest but lavish in detail, testing the carvery and composition skills of our expert team.

The Adam style is an 18th-century Neoclassical style of interior design, as practised by the three Adam brothers from Scotland, most famously Robert Adam (1728–1792) who advocated a single uniform design scheme for fixtures and fittings.  The Adam style found its niche in high class residences in later 18th-century UK and Russia and adjuncts the Regency period in design styles.

This frame can also come without the bevel edges to the glass panels for a cost saving of £100

Sale Price: £1,328

Full of style, this versatile Regency Period Mirror has elegant appeal with clear looking glass surrounded by a classic fluted Regency Style (1811-1820) gilt frame.  

The finishing decorative touch comes in the frame corner blocks, which are finished with unfussy ornamental detail. A bullseye corner block motif is standard, while other choices are available (or even customise for a unique personal touch).

A piece of understated elegance, and a very versatile shape as it can be hung landscape or portrait - particularly ideal for dining rooms and hallways.

Sale Price: £1,340

Opulent and exuding Classical grandeur, this Regency Mirror with Gilt Leaf and Bevelled glass is the perfect mirror for a classic look.  The Regency period saw a resurgence of classical Roman and Greek influence in design - grand designs and luxurious detailing was in back in fashion.  Personifying such style, this mirror has fluted columns with cross strap detailing leading to delicate acanthus leaf capitals and gilt balls on the pediment for extra grandeur (and fun!).   Bevel glass is the finishing touch on this luxurious mirror (or price less £100 for plain glass)

Its shorter height and generous width lends itself to many rooms and positions.  It positions beautifully above mantelpieces - where it might benefit from being raised a few inches above the mantel shelf.  

The sheen and quality of the finish is achieved through the hand application of leaf built up in a series of layers.   A resplendent frame in any of our Finishes

It is also ideal proportions for housing a TV and is a popular choice for our TV Mirrors

Sale Price: £1,533

Full of style, this Large Victorian style mirror with spandrel corners has elegant appeal.  Unfussy in detailing this simple frame has a central bead with intrigue added in the carefully carved spandrel corners.  

A soft but rich finish results from the exquisite hand gilding of layers of gesso and gilt leaf.  A truly stunning piece for the living room or hallway suiting both traditional and modern settings. 

We favour this miror in a standard gilt with 23kt Gold highlights on the elevated elements for a timeless look.

Sale Price: £1,750

This sensational William IV (1830–37) style Mirror features a wide (3") ribbed frame with large ornamental leaves decorating the top corners and charming florals at the base.  

With a luxurious gilt finish, this stunning English mirror is full of classical luxury and would look exquisite in many a room.  

Its smaller dimensions and pretty foliage detailing gives it a femine feel.

A lovely mirror that is becoming in each of our finishes and highly versatile as the size can be easily customised.


Sale Price: £1,579

Classical and opulent styled from a time of change for Great Britain 1811-1820, this Regency, cluster column mirror is rich in splendid detailing and finished with beveled glass for added sparkle and lustre.  

Its size and choice of patterned friezes makes it a very versatile choice.  A perfect choice for a low overmantel fit or for positioning above dado rails or side boards.

Frieze choices include Chinoiserie, Medallion or Wave frieze as well as the range in our Pier Glasses.  NB the background to the frieze can be painted to your choice to match surrounding decor.