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Introducing Esker

Overmantels are proud to introduce their latest mirror frame – the “Esker” frame.

Inspired by the ridges and contours of coastal cliffs, the frame seems to steadily rise up from the surface of the wall like an escarpment.

The frame is comprised of 23 unique levels, which add a gorgeous, detailed aspect to the frame.

The shape of the frame is designed to offset the visual depth of the TV from the wall. By gently tapering the frame back to the wall, the shape of the frame naturally accommodates the additional depth of the TV and cabling.

The frame is shown in a Lacquered Burgundy Finish, along with an Anthracite Grey. We have opted to finish these frames in Pigments, as opposed to our traditional Gilt to emphasise its modernity and playfulness.

We have introduced this frame with the fantastic Cornflake AV, who have 2 on display with some incredible Video Art from Niio.

To find out more about Esker, give us a call on 0207 223 8151 or drop us a line at

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