Ornamental Archtop Mirror

Ornamental Archtop Mirror

19th Century English Victorian style Archtop mirror with a plain frame and a scallop shell top decoration and side finials. 

A truly classic style that fits in the middle of our Archtop range, sitting between the plain arch No5 and the fully ornamental No7.  
The No6 has a sleek frame finish but adds the decorative details of the No7.  

NB tailoring options include:
- adding inner beading to the frame edge, 
- a choice of decorative tops,
- taller or shorter models are available,
- rounding the feet for narrower mantelpieces
- rounded base shape for wall hanging rather than above mantelpieces

Sale Price: 

Standard Sizes

Full Width:     54" (1372mm) across base including feet.  
Frame width:  45" (1143mm)
Height:          54" (1372mm) 

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