Decorative Archtop Mirror

Decorative Archtop Mirror

Early Victorian Archtop overmantel mirror. Our most ornate archtop - full of intrigue and detail.  A highly worked decorative piece.

The distinguishing feature of this frame is the richly moulded frame with inner beading plus side finials and Scallop Shell top as standard.  
The standard frame mould is the "Gadroon and Pearl", other choices are a twisted rope or an Accorn style detail. 

As with all our Archtop Mirrors, the tailoring options include:
           - adding inner beading to the frame edge, 
           - a choice of decorative tops,
           - taller or shorter models are available,
           - rounding the feet for narrower mantelpieces
           - rounded base shape for wall hanging rather than above mantelpieces

Sale Price: 

Standard Sizes

Full Width:     54" (1372mm) across base including feet.  
Frame width:  45" (1143mm)
Height:          54" (1372mm) to frame / 56" (1422mm) with Crest

NB.  The height can be reduced & the feet trimmed if needed, please ask.

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