Rectangular & Cushion wall Mirrors

The proportions and restrained elegance of these styles lends itself to many areas of the house.

This range of wall mirrors includes our classical Rectangular mirrors from the English Regency period and decorative Cushion mirrors of 18th Century French style. All can be hung either overmantel mirrors or free hanging wall mirrors.

Our Cushion mirrors are a distinctly French style with raised central looking glass, flanked by a border of angled glass sides, making a 'cushion' shape. We offer a choice of decorative late-18th century styles. We have recently added some more modern takes on these classical frames such as with an assertive bold black trim.

Our Rectangular range is dominated by 18th Century Regency designs with fluted columns and decorative twists (such as the highly popular No24). Another popular choice is the Adam Border Glass mirror (No43) which follows the design by renowned architect & furniture designer Robert Adam (1728-1792) - a delicate design with anthemion leaf corners. We have also made a contemporary version of the Adam Border glass in our TV mirrors selection. See also No25 in our Specials range.

35 LGE
Sale Price: £1,783

19th century style French cushion mirror with Acanthus leaf corners and a large shot ball decoration around inner frame.

The central mirror panel is raised up from the wall to create a striking visual effect, with the four side panels reflecting different angles of a room.  A wonderfully decorative way to bounce more natural light around the room.

Bevel edges to the glass panels is an option for extra sparkle and luxury.  

This sensational mirror creates a stand out finishing touch in any room.

Sale Price: £1,490

Full of strong French style elegance, this smaller size French cushion mirror of 19th century style has real decorative interest.  

This frame has large shot ball moulding on the inner frame and Acanthus corner straps join the outer and inner frames together.

It is a very practical size and a softer feminine charm.  For a larger size consider the No35L and for more decorative embellishment the No35A might appeal

Sale Price: £1,650

19th century style French cushion mirror with shell top surrounded by floral decoration.

A highly decorative and feminine piece with large shot ball moulding around inner frame, delicate floral corner straps and dainty finials to the frame edge.

This dainty mirror requires patient skill to craft, the result a stunning frame that will light up a hidden corner.

Sale Price: £1,590

Late 18th Century Robert Adam style mirror with ornate frame detailing including dainty anthemion leaf corners and a pearl beading.

The detailing and rich gilding makes for a very charming decorative wall mirror that can be hung either "landscape" or "portrait".

Consider also the more ornately decorated version No43U

Sale Price: £1,691

Intricate and delicate this late 18th Century Robert Adam style rectangular border glass mirror has decorative anthemion leaf straps and surmounted by an Urn top.

Highly ornate and structured, this decorative piece is feminine and impressive at once.  The size makes it very versatile for a decorative slot in many a room.


Sale Price: £1,340

Opulent and exuding Classical grandeur, this Regency Mirror with Gilt Leaf and Bevelled glass is the perfect mirror for a classic look.  The Regency period saw a resurgence of classical Roman and Greek influence in design - grand designs and luxurious detailing was in back in fashion.  Personifying such style, this mirror has fluted columns with cross strap detailing leading to delicate acanthus leaf capitals and gilt balls on the pediment for extra grandeur (and fun!).   Bevel glass is the finishing touch on this luxurious mirror (or price less £100 for plain glass)

Its shorter height and generous width lends itself to many rooms and positions.  It positions beautifully above mantelpieces - where it might benefit from being raised a few inches above the mantel shelf.  

The sheen and quality of the finish is achieved through the hand application of leaf built up in a series of layers.   A resplendent frame in any of our Finishes

It is also ideal proportions for housing a TV and is a popular choice for our TV Mirrors

Sale Price: £1,662

Regency rectangular mirror with a half round reeded frame and bevelled glass.

The corners are square block pediments with acanthus scrolls.  It is also available with lion head or oak leaf corners so it can be customised to suit your taste and decorative scheme.

As a low overmantel mirror it works well for rooms with low ceilings or where the gap between the mantelpiece and a rail is not high. 

Sale Price: £3,990

This is a spectaular frame, using hundreds of tiny leaves of real gold leaf, in dozens of diferent tones. It is a real one off and labour of love for our gilders.

Sale Price: £1,750

This sensational William IV (1830–37) style Mirror features a wide (3") ribbed frame with large ornamental leaves decorating the top corners and charming florals at the base.  

With a luxurious gilt finish, this stunning English mirror is full of classical luxury and would look exquisite in many a room.  

Its smaller dimensions and pretty foliage detailing gives it a femine feel.

A lovely mirror that is becoming in each of our finishes and highly versatile as the size can be easily customised.


Sale Price: £1,579

Classical and opulent styled from a time of change for Great Britain 1811-1820, this Regency, cluster column mirror is rich in splendid detailing and finished with beveled glass for added sparkle and lustre.  

Its size and choice of patterned friezes makes it a very versatile choice.  A perfect choice for a low overmantel fit or for positioning above dado rails or side boards.

Frieze choices include Chinoiserie, Medallion or Wave frieze as well as the range in our Pier Glasses.  NB the background to the frieze can be painted to your choice to match surrounding decor.

Sale Price: £1,598

Louis XIV Sun King Border mirror.

Beautifully detailed, shown here in French Wash this mirror is very light.  The delicate frame with subtle detailing really makes the glass the dominant feature.

The detailed 'Scallop' mitres sit above the glass and adds to its feminine charm



Sale Price: £1,575

This contemporary mirror is a stunning example of understated elegance.

The glass borders give the frame a clean, light look.  The multiple panels of glass, including on the side panels, paired with slender gilded frame geometry makes for a light feeling frame that brings an abundance of light into the room.

This is the newest design to our collection and it has been an instant hit.  It is an adaptation of the No19 Beidermeier frame that is a more traditional twist on this frame.

This frame can be adjusted in height and width and can be made into a TV Mirror.


Sale Price: £1,390

This sleek, angular frame makes a stunning statement. The sharp angles of the pyramid frame section catch the light and really draw the eye in. It works extremely well as a modern, clean focal point in a room.

The frame works well with all finishes.

This is a new addition to the Overmantels range & an immediate hit.  

It can be made into a TV mirror accommodating almost any size TV depending on how it is hung.