Eglomise Mirrors

Eglomisé is a highly delicate technique of applying silver and gold leaf to the back of the glass. The result is a mirror with a whimsical, ethereal quality - altering as the light falls across it.

The painstaking gilding work by our specialist  Eglomise artist results in a dancing work of art. 

The Verre Eglomisé technique is named after the 18th-century French art-dealer Jean-Baptise Glomy (1711–1786) who sold drawings framed by glass borders glinting with gold and whom made popular the technique that dates back to Roman times. 

These mirrors are completely customisable, and can be made to any size and to any specification.


Sale Price: £1,783

A beautiful mirror employing the delicate Eglo Verre teqnique of weaving gold and silver gilt into the glass. The pattern includes leaf prints in bands of bronze.

Our Verre Eglomise artist uses soft warm silver tones for depth of colour, to create visually delicate eglomise glass pieces.

Sale Price: £1,483

This Eglomise mirror is handpainted by our specialist artist who weaves silver and blue leaf into the glass to create a really exceptional and interesting piece. 

Ideal for creating interest and light in narrow spaces such as landings or hallways or can be hung landscape above a side table as a practical piece of decorative art.  The detailing of the woven leaf work is equisite making a very eye-catching piece.  It would also make for a very pretty and very unique dressing mirror. 

This item can be customised in dimensions and in the colours of eglomise.  Please contact us to enquire further.

Sale Price: £1,125

Contemporary rectangular mirror using Verre Eglomise technique using real silver leaf and bronzing effect. Frame also finished in real silver. A modern mirror using traditional techniques.

Sale Price: £1,779

This stunning Eglomise mirror is painstakingly hand guilded using a process of chemical treating of silver leaf directly on the glass.

It is a labour of love for our Verre Eglomise specialist artist, the result is a highly finessed, luxurious piece.

The silver and glass look is both bold and contemporary while also being a delicate point of handcrafted art.  It would make a stunning finishing touch to many a room!

The standard size is a guide only and can be easily adjusted to your specific requirements - the benefit of being hand made to your order!