Art Deco

Our Art Deco mirrors are inspired by the glamour and escapism of the 1920's and 30's - a celebration of modernity as well as the desire for pleasure and escape.  Art Deco mirrors affected all forms of design and gave free reign to the imagination. 

Our Art Deco mirror inspired designs reflect the spirit of elegance, modernity and glamour with use of geometric lines, stepped wood forms and bevelled glass while others add a touch of the ephermeral with gold leaf woven delicately into the glass.  


Sale Price: £1,317

A stunning panel mirror which can be made with either antiqued or plain glass.  

This frame has a very contemporary clean feel. It is possible to have this frame personalised with reproportioned panels and differing finish to the frame. 

Typically finished with an antiqued silver leaf finish to the frame but customisable to your choice. 

For Antiqued glass in standard size +£890

NB we have made many variations of the panel design for this frame - please see all images in the carousel and ask us for more inspiration together with your ideal sizes.

Sale Price: £1,225

A lovely and simple Art Deco style mirror with stepped wood moulding.

This frame is highly versatile and can be amended in width & height with limited cost adjustment.

We can do this frame with stepped finishes for added depth and contrast - i.e. the downtreds have a different gilt or black finish than the flat steps.

Ziggurats were a massive temple structures common in ancient Mesopotamia, having the form of a terraced step pyramid of successively receding stories or levels.  The earliest examples of the ziggurat date from the end of the third millennium BCE and the latest date from the 6th century BCE.

Sale Price: £1,266

Stunning Art Deco style mirror with lines etched into the rear of the glass, four chrome discs.

The frame shown is finished in silver leaf, but is available in all of our finishes.  Champagne Gold is popular for this frame - a lovely hybrid of Silver and Gold gilt

We regret that this frame can no longer come with bevelled glass on the edges.

Sale Price: £1,980

This ripple effect glass has a beautiful texture, very similar to water.  It is combined with antiquing to add further interest & charm.

The textured glass can be cut into panels of any size and design or a single sheet which can be combined with almost all of our mirror frames.  The level of antiquing can be modified according to your preference.  Shown here is medium to heavy glass antiquing on top of the drawn ripple glass.

To me it is reminiscent of a feature wall in New York loft yet equally with its heavy antiquing and smoked glass nature it can have the old school charm of a backdrop in a Parisian Cafe - you decide.

The frame shown is temporarily on Sale for £1700 in size 1370mm Wide x 1210mm High

Future models will have the slimmer Art Deco border (or other as specified by you?!)

Sale Price: £1,575

This curvy mirror that uses a special Italian wood to create this bendy shape is a new addition to our range. 

The AD4's slender frame helps to accentuate the curves of this mirror.  The result a striking and unusual, contemporary look. 

Interested in this style as a TV Mirror? - For more more information please click here: AD4 Curvy TV Mirror

Sale Price: £1,575

This contemporary mirror is a stunning example of understated elegance.

The glass borders give the frame a clean, light look.  The multiple panels of glass, including on the side panels, paired with slender gilded frame geometry makes for a light feeling frame that brings an abundance of light into the room.

This is the newest design to our collection and it has been an instant hit.  It is an adaptation of the No19 Beidermeier frame that is a more traditional twist on this frame.

This frame can be adjusted in height and width and can be made into a TV Mirror.


Sale Price: £1,390

This sleek, angular frame makes a stunning statement. The sharp angles of the pyramid frame section catch the light and really draw the eye in. It works extremely well as a modern, clean focal point in a room.

The frame works well with all finishes.

This is a new addition to the Overmantels range & an immediate hit.  

It can be made into a TV mirror accommodating almost any size TV depending on how it is hung.


Sale Price: £1,175

The AD0 is the simplest, most contemporary mirror in the Overmantels collection.

A very flexible design, this mirror can be made in a wide variety of sizes as both a TV Mirror or plain, modern glass mirror.

Antique glass is also a popular choice for statement AD0 framing, and we have an extensive range of foxed and qntiued glass styles.


Sale Price: £2,116

This stunning mirror is equally at home in a period property or a modern setting. The bevelled glass facets throw light beautifully, and as this mirror is entirely bespoke we can accomodate any size of glass and facet width.