Archtop Mirrors

The English Archtop mirror is a versatile style that has been made since the end of the 18th century - the quintessential mirror for hanging above a Victorian fireplace.

Suitable for both modern and more traditional rooms, the softer shape of the archtop breaks up the straight lines of fire surrounds, doorways and windows.

Our Archtop range was launched in 1985 in our first designer collection of Overmantel mirrors and remains one of most popular collections, particularly with customers seeking to complement original features of their period homes. 

NB all our Archtop Mirrors can be tailored in dimensions, finishes and in decorative details - please contact us to discuss the options
While Archtop Mirrors are often positioned above fireplaces, we can round the bases and the feet for free hanging on walls too.

Sale Price: £1,204

Our plain archtop overmantel mirror is one of our most popular styles.  

Simple, classic and highly elegant; it is equally at home in traditional or modern interiors.

Sale Price: £1,204

The Georgian Style Archtop Mirror, has a shallower/ flatter arched top than our other Arches.

This style is very popular with those who need a low arch, as the shape is more complementary of the lower proportion.

NB we can reduce the height to perfectly fit your space.

Sale Price: £1,325

19th Century English Victorian style Archtop mirror with a plain frame and a scallop shell top decoration and side finials. 

A truly classic style that fits in the middle of our Archtop range, sitting between the plain arch No5 and the fully ornamental No7.  
The No6 has a sleek frame finish but adds the decorative details of the No7.  

NB tailoring options include:
- adding inner beading to the frame edge, 
- a choice of decorative tops,
- taller or shorter models are available,
- rounding the feet for narrower mantelpieces
- rounded base shape for wall hanging rather than above mantelpieces

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Sale Price: £1,325

A 19th Century style English Achtop overmantel mirror with a classical Torch & Arrows crest with 'Fancy Finials' which have slightly more detail than our standard finials.

Sale Price: £1,370

Early Victorian Archtop overmantel mirror. Our most ornate archtop - full of intrigue and detail.  A highly worked decorative piece.

The distinguishing feature of this frame is the richly moulded frame with inner beading plus side finials and Scallop Shell top as standard.  
The standard frame mould is the "Gadroon and Pearl", other choices are a twisted rope or an Accorn style detail. 

As with all our Archtop Mirrors, the tailoring options include:
           - adding inner beading to the frame edge, 
           - a choice of decorative tops,
           - taller or shorter models are available,
           - rounding the feet for narrower mantelpieces
           - rounded base shape for wall hanging rather than above mantelpieces

Sale Price: £1,292

A 19th Century English style decorative Archtop.  Equivalent to our No7 but made 3/4 size for smaller fireplaces.  Classic and very pretty.

This ornamental archtop mirror comes with rope moulding along the frame and with a shell top and side finial decoration.

You may tailor the look and decorative detailing of the frame, and it can also be hung as a wall mirror, not just above a fireplace.

See our finishes page for gilding options

Sale Price: £1,158

Plain 3/4 size archtop mirror for a smaller fireplace or wall. Simple yet elegant, a timeless choice for above a fireplace.
This mirror is equally suited to a traditional or modern interior.

This is the more petite version of our No5 Mirror for smaller fireplaces

Available in any of our finishes and can be altered in height according to your requirements.

Sale Price: £1,204

19th Century English style, 3/4 size overmantel mirror - a plain archtop frame with shell top and side finials decoration.

Our Archtop range are the most popular for above fireplaces being a timeless shape of highly crafted workmanship.

The No10 is the equivalent to the No6 but for smaller fireplaces.  It can also be hung as a free hanging wall mirror with rounded base.  

Available in any of our finishes and can be altered in height according to your requirements.

Sale Price: £1,204

Simple, dark wood Archtop shaped mantelpiece mirror.  A classic shape and unfussy finish.  

Classic style for mantelpieces. The dark finish would go well in rooms with matching wood furniture.  

Can be altered in height according to your requirements.

​The No8 is 3/4 size, whereas No4 is larger size plain archtop frame both in polished mahogany. 

Sale Price: £1,408

Tall archtop console mirror with ball & cross decoration around frame and cartouche top.

Shown over 'demi lune' console table but would also be suitable as a wall mirror, or free hanging between windows, in a hallway or on a landing.

Please see our Finishes page for gilding options

Sale Price: £1,300

Tall archtop console mirror with plain frame section. As the name suggests, this style was originally designed for placement above a console table, but it is also suitable as a wall mirror, free hanging as a pier glass between windows, in a hallway or on a landing.  

For a little more embelishment, the No12A option comes with decorative top

Sale Price: £1,204

Tall and narrow plain archtop mirror suitable for bedrooms, dressing rooms, hallways and landings.

A very pretty mirror, classic design and shape and highly practical.  

Sale Price: £1,246

Tall and narrow archtop mirror with a rope moulding around the frame.  

This is the more ornate version of the No15 and a narrower version of the No12A Console Mirror

Suitable for bedrooms, dressing rooms, hallways and landings.

Please see our Finishes page for gilding options

Sale Price: £1,517

English canted arch overmantel mirror with simple decoration.

A distinctive design with framing detail that is unique from our other frames - rounded and elegant wood craftsmanship.

This style first appeared in about 1870 and became increasingly popular over the next 40 years.

You can tailor the decorative detailing on this mirror.  Add inner beading, decorative tops or rounded continuous base

Please see our Finishes page for gilding options

Sale Price: £1,566

This unusual Canted Archtop Mirror has a decorative shell top and decorations on the columns and feet finish this magnificent mirror.

This is the more decorative version of the No44.  Equisite craftsmanship goes into this very unique style frame.

Sale Price: £1,158

Our large Archtop frame shape and dimensions finished in a sleek Mahogany wood. 

This frame works particularly well in rooms with other dark wood furniture. 

Sale Price: £1,879

This mirror of early 18 Century English design evokes notions of grand traditional houses.

It is a quinessentially traditional mirror that suits wide fireplaces with lower slung ceilings.  A fusion of the Arch made popular in Victorian era with the 18C Triptych panel design.

It is rich in composition detailing - although for a more paired down look these could be amended or removed.

While a Gold leaf finish may be in keeping with its history; however, a shabby chic twist would contemporise the frame for a more rural sense.

This panel style mirror would traditionally come with bevel edges to the glass to add further distinction but again this option can be altered for plain glass or even antiqued glass for a softer look.

The price with bevel glass in each of the panels is £2,445

Sale Price: £2,495

This dramatic mirror is the first of our range of Garden Suitable mirrors. The shatter effect shown compliments the branches and random growth of nature. The frame was designed to work with a pre-exisiting bench, although the mosaic glass effect can be used in any of our