Who We Are

Overmantels has been designing and handcrafting mirrors in England for almost 30 years, earning a reputation as Britain’s foremost mirror specialists. 

The Overmantels brand has become synonymous with classic and innovative designs, traditional craftsmanship, utterly bespoke customer service and exceptional quality.

We are renowned above all for our meticulous reproductions of 18th and 19th Century English and French mirrors styles but our contemporary interpretations are also greatly admired.

The quality of our work ensures Overmantels mirrors are long-term pieces in their truest sense – valued antiques of the future. 

Overmantels’ core philosophy is to keep old traditions alive.  At its heart is a team of artisans, who are masters of joinery and glazing (our master gilder is renowned in the field having perfected his craft over 50 years).  Ornamental composition finishing and gilding techniques, which have been passed down from generation to generation, are expertly deployed. A dedication to authenticity flows through the whole creation process: from extensively researched traditional designs; the careful collection of one of the largest archives of original composition moulds - some of which are over 200 years old; to use of 18th century recipes for our composition work (rabbit and horse hair is still in the secret mix!). 

Founded by Seth Taylor, Overmantels was born from his love of antiques.  He began buying and selling antiques in 1980 and quickly saw that there was a demand for antique overmantel mirrors, which were expensive and difficult to find.  To meet demand he started his own collection of reproduction mirrors employing traditional techniques and using specialist joiners and guilders.  The business began in 1985 in Battersea, London, where it remains to this day.  Designs continue to be handcrafted in Overmantels’ London and Cotswold workshops.