TV Mirrors


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Our TV Mirrors are designed to appeal to anyone who is anxious not to let today’s large flat-screen TVs dominate their rooms.

The range combines the very best in mirror design, traditional mirror making and expert craftsmanship with the latest entertainment technologies.
Art, design, light, functionality and entertainment - all in one, statement piece mirror!

Our TV Mirror is a slim-screen LED TV housed within one of our handcrafted mirrors.
When the TV is off you have a reflective mirror and the TV is utterly invisible from any angle.
At the touch of the remote, a pixel perfect TV screen is transmitted through the glass!

  • Over 60 mirror styles to choose from or made fully bespoke to your guidelines.
  • Prices from £1,950.
  • Lead times: 4 – 6 weeks for our standard frames
  • Free technology choice: You choose the TV model & size you want and we will tailor the mirror to fit.
  • Easy and Simple Installation – we can take care of all aspects of TV & Mirror installation. A wire-free set up in just a few hours.
  • We deliver all over the UK and Internationally.
  • Full multi-media solution – DVDs/ Sky/ Play station/Wii Fit… all the add-ons you like!
    Plus super smart TV features: 4K/HD/3D viewing, ondemand TV (iPlayer, Netflix…).
    Even use your TV as a PC for online shopping or Skype in the mirror!
  • Your TV remains accessible for maintenance or upgrades down the line.