Overmantels recommends

With such a large range, how does one start to choose between the styles on offer?

Selection is frequently dictated by the space available and where it is to be hung – to help you with your deliberation we make some categorised suggestions below.   

More than just a functional furniture well selected pieces can help lift and transform a room. Mirrors serve many roles in interior design from bringing light and a sense of space to narrow areas to being a central piece of artwork in a reception room.  

Please do give us a call or visit us too!  We pride ourselves in having an innate understanding of what works both for our clients and for any location or room.  For all our mirrors in one page click here.



Our larger, Traditional mirrors are popular for more formal, entertaining rooms and as such our Large Archtops (e.g. No5), Large English (e.g. No21 or No60) and Large French (e.g. No22).   For those wanting a more contemporary feel consider a Silver Gilt finish on a classic Traditional frame for a more modern result; the No19 Biedermier in a glass finish is a stunning modern twist on a very traditional frame.  You may find your ideal choice in our Antiques range too – all one-offs  and ever changing.

Some of our larger overmantel mirrors can also come as free hanging mirrors with all edges rounded for a continuous border.  This applies to No22 (Large plain French), No21 (Large Neo Classical English) any of our Archtops.


We find people’s individual tastes come to the fore in this relaxation room and so almost all of our mirrors have become cherished pieces of wall art in this space.  Commonly more informal styles are popular choices such as the sleek simplicity of the plain Archtops No5 (No9 is the smaller version) or adding a touch more decoration No6 (No10 if smaller space). Round and Oval Mirrors are highly decorative and feature well in living rooms as our gallery shows.  Very pretty Traditional choices are No51 or our Cushion mirrors (e.g. No35A). For a more muted/ toned down effect finishes in gilt wood tones are popular. 

Our TV mirror range was conceived exactly for these carefully thought out settings.  Once you have chosen the Mirror that will complement and uplift your entertaining space why not consider using your mirror as a TV screen too.  This way you de-clutter the room and hide the ugly black rectangle we all love to watch. 


These tend to be more formal entertaining spaces with mirrors positioned above side boards or mantel pieces.  Larger Traditional pieces work very well in such settings such as No56, No60 or No34 (Tall Fluted Regency); while the No62 (Bullseye) is a versatile shape being hung portrait or landscape  Rectangular mirrors as well as Piers and Tryptichs work well above side tables or dado rails.


Mirrors are useful here to help illuminate narrow spaces.  Mirrors are often hung over dado rails or side boards and for this the No52 (French wall mirror), No27 (Triptych), No29 (Pier Glasses) are good choices.  Round and Oval mirrors are good shapes for this space; a fun option is nautical style fish eye mirrors (No39/40) with convex glass for a port hole view.  For tall, thin spaces you could consider EG2 a pretty piece in our contemporary range or the narrow No28 Pier Glass (a stunning Regency period piece) or the timelessly classic Console Archtop (No12).


Round and Oval mirrors are popular in bathrooms (with flat glass), the AD1 is a striking modern choice from our Art Deco range. We recently fitted a striking large cushion mirror (No35L) with black trim in a bathroom to stunning effect. 

Want to watch TV in the bath or not miss the news while in the shower but think it might look a bit vulgar? How about having your mirror and TV in one – see only the mirror you carefully select but enjoy flawless TV viewing when you want that.

f)     BEDROOMS: 

Our Dressing mirrors (Nos15 & 16) are great choices as their name suggests.  The Tall Archtop No12 is another to consider.  For those wanting a plainer style that will fit in with any decorative scheme perhaps consider the less decorative Archtops (Nos5, 5G, 6, 9, 10), No22 (Large plain French) or No44A (plain Oval).  While those seeking something more delicate and ornamental might prefer our Cushion mirrors or decorative Ovals.  Our Verre Eglomise mirrors have a lovely ethereal touch to them that might suit.  For a more delicate finish for any of our traditional frames consider our Ivory or French Wash finishes while other rooms suit a natural wood finish such as in dark mahogany.

Once you have chosen your style – perhaps you’d like to consider having it also conceal a television – watch movies in bed without spoiling the décor!  Our TV mirror section has all the info you need.


Mirror choices often reflect the period of their homes – for example the No44 Canted Archtop is popular with people in Victorian houses looking for something a bit different while Regency period home owners might favour Piers or Tryptichs.  Our George No11 style  Architectural mirrors with broken pediments make for very distinctive period pieces.


A classic position for a mirror – creating a stunning focal point for a room.  As our name suggests we are the leading experts in overmantel mirrors and have in depth knowledge on what is most pleasing to the eye according to the specific fireplace dimensions. Much of our Larger Traditional range is suitable for hanging above mantelpieces especially the English and French and Archtop ranges.


Top tips include No35 & No35A (Small French Cushion),  Adam Border Glass No43, small round (No39), No28  (Pier) or EG3 whimsical eglomise mirror.  But don’t forget to look at our Antiques which usually have some exquisite one-off pieces in all sizes.


Top tips include No35L (Large French Cushion), No45 (Beaded Oval) or No37 (Gilt Oval), Large round (No40 or PG1),  No51, No23 or No33 (are standout & highly decorative choices in our Large French mirrors), No29 (Wide Pier) or EG1 unusually eglomise mirror. See also our Antiques which usual have some exquisite one-off pieces in all sizes.


Some perenial favourites are: the plain Archtops, No22 or No50 (smaller version), No52, No62.