Tall Triptych Mirror

Tall Triptych Mirror

Tall triple panel mirror with bevelled glass and with a patterned or decorated frieze.  Fluted columns and Neo-Classical Motifs typify this Regency style frame.

Available to order with the following friezes:
-'Lattice' pattern (+£100)
-'Swags & bows' decoration
-'Anthemion' decoration

Alternative Freizes:
 - Nympths, Egyptian chariot scene and Urns are frieze patterns we also have available.  Some shown on No29 Mirror options.

 - Wave, Medalion or Chinoiserie friezes as shown on the No32 Mirror options can also be aplied to other styles with a frieze.

The background of the frieze can be ordered to match the frame's finish or alternatively painted in a colour of your choosing.

Sale Price: 

Standard Sizes

50" W x 42" H
1270mm W x 1067mm H

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