Small Gilt Convex Mirror with Eagle

Small Gilt Convex Mirror with Eagle

Small convex mirror from late 18th century period in Federal Style with American Eagle crest.  A style also referred to as 'Butler's' or 'Fish Eye' mirrors. 

This is the smaller version of the No40E Large Convex Mirror.  It is a really fun decorative piece of which opposing pairs can be made with facing eagles.    

The convex glass will help to bounce natural light into the room and makes for a really dramatic piece of wall art.  

Slumping glass to form a fish eye has become a rare art in England and so having a convex mirror of this size is hard to find indeed.

This frame can also be ordered with flat glass if preferred (£1,845)

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Standard Sizes

25" W x 35" H
635mm W x 890mm H

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