Ripple Glass Mirror

Ripple Glass Mirror

This ripple effect glass has a beautiful texture, very similar to water.  It is combined with antiquing to add further interest & charm.

The textured glass can be cut into panels of any size and design or a single sheet which can be combined with almost all of our mirror frames.  The level of antiquing can be modified according to your preference.  Shown here is medium to heavy glass antiquing on top of the drawn ripple glass.

To me it is reminiscent of a feature wall in New York loft yet equally with its heavy antiquing and smoked glass nature it can have the old school charm of a backdrop in a Parisian Cafe - you decide.

The frame shown is temporarily on Sale for £1700 in size 1370mm Wide x 1210mm High

Future models will have the slimmer Art Deco border (or other as specified by you?!)

Sale Price: 

Standard Sizes

1220 mm x 1525 mm  (can be hung landscape or portrait)

48" x 60" 

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