Ornamental Gilt 3/4 Archtop Mirror

Ornamental Gilt 3/4 Archtop Mirror

A 19th Century English style decorative Archtop.  Equivalent to our No7 but made 3/4 size for smaller fireplaces.  Classic and very pretty.

This ornamental archtop mirror comes with rope moulding along the frame and with a shell top and side finial decoration.

You may tailor the look and decorative detailing of the frame, and it can also be hung as a wall mirror, not just above a fireplace.

See our finishes page for gilding options

Sale Price: 

Standard Sizes

Full Width:     40" (1016mm) across base including feet.  
Frame width:  36" (915mm)
Height:          43" (1093mm) 
Height with Shelltop: 45" (1143mm)

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