Louis Philippe Laurel Leaf

Louis Philippe Laurel Leaf

This exquisite frame is our Queen of the Louis Philippe range: full of rich intricate details, it makes for a highly ornate stand-out piece.  The Louis Philippe frame shape, with radial corners and a contoured edges is further embellished by a Laurel leaf mould and inner beading.  The top is decorated with a "Torch & Arrow" design around which a molded ribbon is woven.  The detailing is such that only our most experienced gilders can work on this frame.  

The effect is a highly decorative and feminine piece that makes a sensational reception room mirror.


Sale Price: 

Standard Sizes

1245mm / 49" wide x 1620mm / 63.7" high (to top of decorative top)
1245mm wide x 1498mm / 59" high (to frame top)

NB The line drawing shown is for the No22A which is slightly shorter

This frame can be easily altered down in height or consult us for a fully made-to-measure size

Stunning and very different look according to the Finish selected.  This can also be made as a TV Mirror

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