Large Louis Philippe Style TV Mirror

Large Louis Philippe Style TV Mirror

If you want to create a look of quiet, understated luxury, then this might be just your style.  The simple, softly rounded lines (typifying French Louis Philippe aesthetics) lends to a versatile frame that can be hung almost anywhere.

Paired with a television hidden inside this truly is a marriage of elegance, comfort and functionality and above all class.

Our plain version (No22) comes with very little ornamentation - sleek and refined.  

For those wanting a frame with more outstated acclaim consider adding a shell top (No22A), we do have alternative cartouches or floral reaths available too.  As a TV Mirror this option costs £3,595

A firm favourite is the No22B - this frame has stunning laurel leaf mould to the frame, inner beading and a distinctive Torch & Arrow crest top.  The No22B TV Mirror costs £3,950

A final twist is our new No22C, this applies the floridly ornate No51 detailing with scroll finials and a highly ornate crest to the larger No22 frame.  As a TV Mirror this option No22C costs £ 3,895

The Louis Philippe style of furniture is derived from a 19th-Century French style from the 'July Monarchy' of 1830 to 1848. It is characterised by a concern for comfort and economy whilst also celebrating busy bourgeois opulence.

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Sale Price: 

Standard Sizes

Our standard size is as follows and fits up to a 49" TV (in diameter)

49" W across base x 59" H 
1245mm W x 1498mm H 

All sizes are adjustable to accomodate the space available or TV size you wish - please contact us for tailored quote.

This frame can come with all sides rounded for free hanging (four radial corners) or with rectangular base for hanging over a mantelpiece.

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