Large Gilt Regency TV Mirror

Large Gilt Regency TV Mirror

This imposing early Regency style mirror is one of our most popular, particularly for the main reception room as it makes such a stunning impact.   For more info on this No20 frame please click here

Now you can incorporate a secret TV within your reception's focal point - it regularly yields gasps of surprise when people see it for the first time.  

It has already become a favourite in the TV Mirror selection - it has truly transformed customers' rooms and the feedback has been tremendous.

The glazing on the TV Mirror is slightly darker, more silvery, almost like a deep sea reflection.  

Sale Price: 

Standard Sizes

53" (W)  x 66" (H)
1346mm (W) x 1577mm (Frame H) x 1677mm (Crest H)

This frame can house up to a 49" TV in our standard size.  Bespoke sizing is possible.  Please enquire.
See our Finishes page for gilding options


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