Large Decorative French Mirror

Large Decorative French Mirror

This sensational 19th Century French style mirror features a heavily decorated frame with ornate foliage detailing with a large shell and floral swag at the top and floral garlands falling over the mirror.  

Opulent and Luxurious, this exceptional mirror represents the zenith of the Overamantels French Decorative range.  This finely crafted mirror requires the experitise and hours of labour of our most experienced mirror makers - resulting in a truly stunning hand crafted piece  

With a luxurious gilt finish, this stunning French mirror is full of antique-style luxury and would look exquisite either side of a doorway or fireplace. 

Sale Price: 

Standard Sizes

49" W across base x 68" H  to top of Shelltop
1245mm W x 1727mm H

NB Height can be trimmed down without needing the full made-to-measure service

Please see our Finishes for choice of gild

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