Large Beidermeier Mirror in Glass.

Large Beidermeier Mirror in Glass.

Large 19th century Beidermeier style mirror. We have replaced the traditional veneer panels with glass, to give the frame a crisp, contemporary feel while still staying true to the clean lines and utilitarian postures of its historical roots. The frame is finished with some beautiful acanthus leaf mouldings, and bold scrolls on the columns.

This mirror is also available in Mahogany (£2,120) or Maple (£2,060) or with a polished veneer finish, a silver or gold gilt wood frame (£1,790) is another option for the recessed side panels.

The Biedermeier period refers largely to the artistic styles, moods and trends that arose during the historical period of disruption and change sweeping across central Europe between 1815 (the Napoleonic Wars ending with Congress of Vienna) and revolutionary year of 1848. 

In furniture design the Biedermeier emphasis on clean lines and minimal ornamentation.  In its early stages it represented a rebellion against Romantic-era fussiness but it progressed to increasingly ornate commissions reflecting the growing wealth and ostentation of the emergent middle classes.

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Standard Sizes

58" High x 48" Wide
1474mm H x 1250mm W

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