French Trumeau Mirror

French Trumeau Mirror

Large French painted panel mirror with decorative music ornament to top frieze and other gilded ornaments.

This very traditional style mirror, evocative of Grand French Chateauxs, seems to be having a resurgence - sometimes with a slightly modern twist (recently favoured in the popular Grey finish).  

The Background colour can be painted to customers specification and the design motif in the centre can also be customised - we have one of the lagest collection of authentic composition moulds in the country.

It is a bold statement piece - be brave!  

We have this back on display in the showroom - we welcome you to visit for a close up look.

It can also be made into a TV Mirror  (£3,030) - it would house a TV up to 48".  

Sale Price: 

Standard Sizes

51.5" W x 66" H 
1310mm W x 1680mm H 


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