Adam Border Glass TV Mirrors

Adam Border Glass TV Mirrors

Pictured here is a modern re-take on our No43 Adam border glass - the result is a clean fresh look using a classic shape.  It is a style, shape and size of mirror that is ideal for concealing your television: a neat bordered look that frames the TV and a size suitable for hanging almost anywhere.  

For those prefering a more classical look, you can also have this mirror in the ornamental Adam Border glass No43 (it is £180 for the added decorative option with Urn, No43U).  This NeoClassical piece with intricate detailing is a favourite for smaller decorative spots - possibly ideal for concealing your TV in your living room or bedroom.  It has a delicate, feminine feel from all the finely applied detailing.

In both the modern or traditional versions this is mirror makes for an ideal solution for tucking out of sight the black TV screen and saving space while gaining a very pretty and functional mirror.  An all round win!

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Standard Sizes

This frame is made as standard to fit a 49" TV, but it can easily be made to size to fit whatever TV you have/choose. 

Please consult our finishes for gild inspiration but we are always happy to work off menu too - perhaps to blend with surrounding colour schemes.  Just ask us!

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