5 Large Plain Archtop TV Mirror

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5 Large Plain Archtop TV Mirror

Our plain archtop TV Mirror is one of our most popular styles.  

Simple, classic and highly elegant; it is equally at home in traditional or modern interiors

The standard size No5TV Mirror frame width of 1142mm wide can fit up to a 46" TV, however we can make this frame bespoke to fit up to a 49" TV or bigger should you wish.

All of our mirrors can be made in any finish of your choice - please visit our finishes page for more options


Standard Sizes

Width: 54" (1372mm) across base including feet.  
Frame width 54" (1143mm)
Height: 54" (1372mm) 

Standard size above can fit up to a 46" TV*, or the mirror can be made bespoke to accomodate larger TV screens.  Also note the option of the wider No5G TV which can accomodate a 49" TV.

*NB currently there is not a good 46" Smart screen LED TV on the market so we are recomending 43" options.  This will no doubt change in time.

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