3/4 Plain French Mirror

3/4 Plain French Mirror

This classic Louis Philippe style mirror is feminine, simple and warm.  Its traditional form is personified by curved upper corners and delicacy and interest is added by the carefully application of inner beading.  

This frame is the smaller cousin of the No.22 and has an elegant yet simple moulding - which is slimmer than that of its larger cousin.  The result is a classical mirror of extreme elegance and understated charm, suitable for smaller spaces - perfect for a hallway above a side table or in a feminine bedroom.

The sheen and quality of the finish is achieved through the hand application of leaf built up in a series of layers. The frame is finally hand polished to a beautiful shine.  

The Louis Philippe style of furniture is derived from a 19th-Century French style from the 'July Monarchy' of 1830 to 1848. It is characterised by a concern for comfort and economy whilst also celebrating busy bourgeois opulence.

Sale Price: 

Standard Sizes

49.5" W across base (incl feet)  x 54" H
1260mm W x 1372mm H
1100mm frame width

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This frame can come with all sides rounded (four radial corners) for free hanging or with rectangular base for hanging over a mantelpiece (as shown).  

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