Measuring up

How to Measure

Overmantels specialise in hand-making mirrors to your size requirements. Here are some guidelines to help you measure up for an overmantel mirror above your fireplace:


The above diagram shows a mantelpiece and the dimensions you will need to fit an overmantel mirror above a fireplace. The fireplace shown consists of a mantel shelf and two pillars or uprights which hold up the shelf.

A) The maximum height of the mirror frame should be at least 5-10cm below a cornice, or 3-6cm below a picture rail.

B) If the mirror has feet that extend wider than the width of the mirror frame you must ensure that they do not extend past the end of the mantelpiece shelf.

C) The width of the glass should be greater than the 'site' or 'aperture' of the fireplace.

D) The uprights of the mirror frame should sit over the uprights of the mantelpiece and never be wider than them.

These guidelines only apply to mirrors where the frames fall vertically over the pillars of the fireplace. We have several standard sizes which fit over most average fireplaces.
However, if nothing fits, we can custom make your mirror specifically for your space.

Obviously, in other positions such as above sideboards, radiator covers and other types of furniture, the dimensions of that particular piece of furniture will give some suggestions as to the size of the mirror above it.

You may just want to cover a large area of wall with a free hanging mirror, in which case we can make whatever size mirror you want to fill the space.