Pier Glass & Rectangular TV mirrors

Frame and conceal your TV within one of our 18th Century Pier Glasses or other Rectangular mirrors.  These versatile shapes can be hung anywhere you want to position your TV whilst also gaining a beautiful piece of reflective wall art.  These styles have the option of the TV screen filling the frame to the very edge - a really stand out effect.  

One of the largest collections of frieze moulds from the 18th & 19th Centuries now have TV's in them.

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Our Pier Glasses are characterised by their classical friezes above the glass.  Overmantels has one of the largest collections of original and authentic frieze moulds.

Overmantels frieze collection includes the very classic Swag & Bows, the frivolously fun Nymphs or Chariot friezes, the pretty anthemion chains or the delicate rose lattice.  The background colour can be painted to match your own decorative schemes for a very bespoke finish

Sale Price: £2,970

Our 18th Century Pier Glass styles have the option of the TV screen filling the frame to the very edge - a really stand out effect.  These frames suit free hanging and so are very versatile for positioning wherever you want to hang a beautiful piece of reflective art and watch a TV!

There are many variations of friezes and the frieze paint can be made to match your walls for a truly bespoke finish.  Overmantels has carefully amassed one of the largest collections of original and authentic frieze moulds.  This frame can also be finished very simply for a much more contemporary 'feel'.

It’s fun to see the astonished reaction when you show people for the first time.  Switch on and the mirrored glass gives way to bright, crisp images.  Your large black-box television is completely hidden.  

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Sale Price: £2,996

Pictured here is a modern re-take on our No43 Adam border glass - the result is a clean fresh look using a classic shape.  It is a style, shape and size of mirror that is ideal for concealing your television: a neat bordered look that frames the TV and a size suitable for hanging almost anywhere.  

For those prefering a more classical look, you can also have this mirror in the ornamental Adam Border glass No43 (it is £180 for the added decorative option with Urn, No43U).  This NeoClassical piece with intricate detailing is a favourite for smaller decorative spots - possibly ideal for concealing your TV in your living room or bedroom.  It has a delicate, feminine feel from all the finely applied detailing.

In both the modern or traditional versions this is mirror makes for an ideal solution for tucking out of sight the black TV screen and saving space while gaining a very pretty and functional mirror.  An all round win!

Sale Price: £3,162

A stunning 19th century style French cushion mirror rich with detailing and decorative interest.  The design is ideal for concealing a TV within.

The frame is embellished with Acanthus leaf corners on the upright stems and the inner frame boasts large shot ball beading.  For more info see No35

Shown here in black it transforms into bold and modern piece, in gilded silvers and golds it is more traditional and opulent. For even more ornate luxury, cresting and finials are an option (see No35a)

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Sale Price: £2,690

Our Picture Frame TV Mirrors are perfect for clients looking for a TV to fit snugly within a frame, and are a great alterntive to classical overmantel styles.

Made to fit the TV model and size of your choice, each of our Picture Frame TV Mirrors are made from the finest wood and gilded to the highest standard in any finish of your choice. From simple contemporary 'box' framing to elaborate Louise Philippe floral designs, we have a Picture Frame style for every space.

Prices below are for up to a standard 49" TV. Contact us for accurate quotes on 55" TVs and 65" TVs upwards.