French TV Mirrors

Our French collection houses is animated by the luxury and glamour characteristic of the 19th Century French style.  For the ultimate touch of class select your mirror to secretly house a TV and you gain a stunning room centre piece and an entertainment viewing screen in one.

Our French designs uses the most distinctive French shape of the era: rectangular with soft radial corners.  A harmonious shape that blends the softness of the English archtop and the grandeaur of the rectangular English collection

The collection varies from the understaded (No22, No22A, and No50 to the outright opulant No51 and No23).  

Our Specials collection houses two other very distinctive French shapes, which can also incorporate a TV serpentine shaped top (No17) and the earlier panel mirror known as Trumeau.

All mirrors in our French collection can come with our specialist mirror TV glass and in standard sizes can house TVs up to 55" in diammeter, depending on the frame in question.  All sizes are adjustable.

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Sale Price: £3,163

This ornate 19th century French mirror transforms its settings like a stand out work of art.  Now you can fuse such classical elegance with modern living - at the touch of a button the screen comes alive with vivid images.  

More than just television viewing you can use the ornate screen for computing, skype calls, power point presentations, photo displays!

Our mirrors can be adjusted to your taste - select another shell top or none at all, likewise the side scrolls are tailored at will.  For a less fussy version consider the straight forwardly elegant No50 (£3395 as TV Mirror)

Sale Price: £2,829

If you want to create a look of quiet, understated luxury, then this might be just your style.  The simple, softly rounded lines (typifying French Louis Philippe aesthetics) lends to a versatile frame that can be hung almost anywhere.

Paired with a television hidden inside this truly is a marriage of elegance, comfort and functionality and above all class.

Our plain version (No22) comes with very little ornamentation - sleek and refined.  

For those wanting a frame with more outstated acclaim consider adding a shell top (No22A), we do have alternative cartouches or floral reaths available too.  As a TV Mirror this option costs £3,595 

A firm favourite is the No22B - this frame has stunning laurel leaf mould to the frame, inner beading and a distinctive Torch & Arrow crest top.  The No22B TV Mirror costs £3,950 

A final twist is our new No22C, this applies the floridly ornate No51 detailing with scroll finials and a highly ornate crest to the larger No22 frame.  As a TV Mirror this option No22C costs £ 3,895 

The Louis Philippe style of furniture is derived from a 19th-Century French style from the 'July Monarchy' of 1830 to 1848. It is characterised by a concern for comfort and economy whilst also celebrating busy bourgeois opulence.

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Sale Price: £3,162

A stunning 19th century style French cushion mirror rich with detailing and decorative interest.  The design is ideal for concealing a TV within.

The frame is embellished with Acanthus leaf corners on the upright stems and the inner frame boasts large shot ball beading.  For more info see No35

Shown here in black it transforms into bold and modern piece, in gilded silvers and golds it is more traditional and opulent. For even more ornate luxury, cresting and finials are an option (see No35a)

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