English TV mirrors

Our beautifully proportioned English mirrors carefully reproduce classic styles from Queen Anne, Georgian and Regency to late Victorian styles.

These classical styles, steeped in tradition, are the perfect compliment to our newest glass technology whereby at the click of a button the mirror jumps to life! 

Our TV mirrors reflect our unflinching dedication to provide only the highest quality pieces. Our highly specialist glass transmits crystal sharp TV pictures when on and leave a flawless mirror reflection when off.

Our specialist TV mirror glass you can combine the benefits of home entertainment with a work of art - the focal attention remains on the carefully thought out room rather than the black technology box!

All of our English Styles can be made as TV Mirrors: simply pick your favourite style, take your space dimensions and TV size and we will be happy to quote you. The standard sizes in this range fit TVs 48- 50" and upwards so TV dimension should not be a constraining factor for any of this range.

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Sale Price: £3,579

A stunning NeoClassical style mirror is inspired by designs of Robert Adam (1728–92) - one of the most important British architects and who developed a new design movement drawing heavily on design ideas from ancient Greece and Rome.  

This mirror with 6 panels and classical inspired columns makes a resplendent feature in a formal entertaining room.  With our superior TV mirror glass you can now have screen entertainment in the room without having the distracting black box.

For more info on this mirror please click here

Sale Price: £3,579

This imposing early Regency style mirror is one of our most popular, particularly for the main reception room as it makes such a stunning impact.   For more info on this No20 frame please click here

Now you can incorporate a secret TV within your reception's focal point - it regularly yields gasps of surprise when people see it for the first time.  

It has already become a favourite in the TV Mirror selection - it has truly transformed customers' rooms and the feedback has been tremendous.

The glazing on the TV Mirror is slightly darker, more silvery, almost like a deep sea reflection.  

Sale Price: £3,438

This 19th century Beidermeier style mirror makes a stunning statement piece.  This version with glass panels gives the frame a bright contemporary feel, while still staying true to its historical roots. The frame is finished with some beautiful acanthus leaf mouldings, and bold scrolls on the columns.

It is also available in Mahogany, in a polished veneer or with the inset panels in Maple, or gilded in silver or gold leaf

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Sale Price: £2,996

This resplendent classical mirror is a perenial favourite.  The frame is rich in NeoClassical intricate detailing such as Corinthian Order Capitals, large shot balls on the cornice and cross straps on the fluted column shafts.  

Hand gilded in the leaf of your choice you have a timeless mirror that makes a fantastic addition to any reception room.  

With the TV Mirror concept you get the perfect marriage of technology with tradition - watch your TV when you want to but see only a stunning mirror outside of TV time.

See No34 for more on this frame

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Sale Price: £2,913

This Regency (1811 - 1837) style mirror has a classic fluted frame and is so named for its "bullseye" corner block motifs.  

The Bullseye is your classic all-rounder: simple, refined and highly versatile – it can be hung landscape or portrait.  

Typifying the Regency style the vertical striped frame and sturdy corner boxes gives a masculine feel - a frame that is at once bold but unimpossing.

We can customise the finish, corner blocks (a range of ornaments are available) and size of this frame.

21 TV
Sale Price: £2,996

A timeless mirror of classical elegance - a rare treat to find.  The No21 is one of our most popular choices, orginals of this style are extremely hard and expensive to come by.  Our reproduction of this 18th Century design uses all original molds and is composed following traditional methods by our expert gilders.

The frieze detailing comes with two options: bows or paterae pattern.  For more on this frame please see our No21 Neo Classical page

As a TV Mirror TV this provides not only an elegant alternative to large-size flat screen TVs, but also a sophisticated decorative addition to any environment.

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No24 TV
Sale Price: £2,913

Opulent and exuding Classical grandeur, this Regency TV Mirror with Gilt Leaf is the perfect mirror for a classic look.  The Regency period saw a resurgence of classical Roman and Greek influence in design - grand designs and luxurious detailing was in back in fashion.  Personifying such style, this mirror has fluted columns with cross strap detailing leading to delicate acanthus leaf capitals and gilt balls on the pediment for extra grandeur.

This is a great style of frame if you are looking for a TV Mirror which is small, but is not a typical 'picture frame'.