Contemporary Mirrors

Eglomisé is a highly delicate technique of applying silver and gold leaf to the back of the glass. The result is a mirror with a whimsical, ethereal quality - altering as the light falls across it.

The painstaking gilding work by our specialist  Eglomise artist results in a dancing work of art. 

The Verre Eglomisé technique is named after the 18th-century French art-dealer Jean-Baptise Glomy (1711–1786) who sold drawings framed by glass borders glinting with gold and whom made popular the technique that dates back to Roman times. 

These mirrors are completely customisable, and can be made to any size and to any specification.


Our Art Deco mirrors are inspired by the glamour and escapism of the 1920's and 30's - a celebration of modernity as well as the desire for pleasure and escape.  Art Deco mirrors affected all forms of design and gave free reign to the imagination. 

Our Art Deco mirror inspired designs reflect the spirit of elegance, modernity and glamour with use of geometric lines, stepped wood forms and bevelled glass while others add a touch of the ephermeral with gold leaf woven delicately into the glass.