Introducing Overmantels Media

Introducing Overmantels Media

Overmantels is proud to unveil Overmantels Media: combining the very best in mirror design, traditional mirror making and craftsmanship with entertainment capabilities.

Our mirror entertainment concept enables a flat screen TV to be hidden in a beautiful mirror - dramatically enhancing the aesthetics of any room where TV viewing plays a role.   

Overmantels Media was conceived in response to a contemporary design dilemma: offering a solution to complement the look of any room.  Our clients have beautiful, carefully thought out homes.  They understand how a mirror can help light up a room and work as a stand out focal-point of art.  Televisions have become larger and larger – great for cinema quality viewing but they can detract from an otherwise elegant room.   We worked hard to find a solution that gives clients the pleasure of home entertainment and elegant wall art in one.

It’s a solution that appeals to many of our traditional as well as younger clients – some are at first resistant to the idea, “too modern & technical”!  It’s fun to see how many people are literally “wowed” by the concept when they see it in person.

You can choose from our range of over 60 traditional, contemporary and antique-style mirrors to frame your flat-screen TV - please see our Gallery for inspiration

The new range took almost two years in the R&D stage to ensure we could really deliver a technical solution that matches the quality for which we are renowned.  We had to be sure there would be no compromise on the finished mirror look or on the viewing experience.  To achieve this, the highest specification glass available is used to ensure pixel perfect entertainment viewing when the screen is on yet see only mirror reflection when off.