There are a large range of finishes available at Overmantels. Our Frames are all priced in our Standard Gilt finish. This is a subtle, matt gilt finish that compliments most colour schemes. Alternatively you can chose from the Antique Dutch Gold Leaf, Antique Silver Leaf, Rubbed Gilt, French Wash, Ivory and Ebony. English Water gilding in 23kt Gold is also available. We offer specialist paint finishes to match any decorative colour scheme and can also match colours to any sample provided. This range of other finishes are charged as an extra on the mirror price (and cost varies according to frame size and decorative detail) 

The following images and descriptions are provided to help you decide but we can also send you samples if you require them.


Standard Gilt Red 

This is a lovely neutral gold/bronze finish.  It is more muted/matt effect than the Dutch Gold metal leaf options. The standard tone can be altered for an end result that is  a darker or lighter gold by changing the colour of the background bole to a red or black.

Both standard finishes are free of charge.

Standard Gilt Black 


Antique Dutch Gold Leaf 

This is our most popular finish for our Traditional mirrors.  It is an oil gilded leaf finish, a more yellow gold colour and is a brighter finish; it is a very close representation of 23kt gold.  We do recommend this finish as it helps to brighten the frame without being brassy, and it brings more interest to the frame.  The Antique refers to toning work done to give an aged effect. 

Dutch Gold Leaf  

Here the Dutch Gold leaf is not waxed back for an aged look.  The result is a cleaner, brighter Gold finish.  



Antique Silver leaf 

Oil gilded silver metal leaf.  The tone can be adjusted to specification from a brighter/ clean silver finish to a softer, deeper finish with darker hints.   Our standard silver leaf is the more antique effect achieved using the underlying red bole but we also offer a bright silver with a more burnished/ steel effect.

Bright Silver Leaf

A brighter, lighter version of the Antique Silver Leaf - great for a modern, elegant finish.




French Wash

A matt, off-white finish created by layers of gesso tinted with water based pigments.



An off-white finish that has a silky sheen with slightly darker wax toning than the French wash.  The result is a very sleek, lacquer like effect.



23kt Gold Leaf 

The ultimate in Giltwood finishes. This has a smoother finish with a higher/ more solid sheen. As traditional layers of red bole are used to create lustre or depth and highlights of the mouldings are polished to a higher shine creating areas of solid gold effect.  It is an opulent effect that is unique to the 23kt Gold finish.  Price on application.


Natural polished wood finish 

We offer our plain mirrors (Nos 5, 12, 15, 22, 45, 50, 52 and AD2) in a natural wood finish.  We use our standard tulip wood and can stain and varnish these to achieve the effect of other wood (e.g. White Oak, Chestnut, Poplar and Mahogany effects) at a much reduced cost than using these actual woods.  For a near exact Oak effect we use Chestnut wood as this has an identical grain to Oak and we stain it for a true White Oak look - this is a bespoke frame option.  No19 Beidermeir can be offered in a Mahogany veneer.  Our Archtops can also be provided in real Mahogany wood.

Bespoke finish 

We can make any finish/ decorative effects according to your specification. 

Other adjustments

We can offer finishes in a host of different leaf finishes such as: titanium, bronze, copper, palladium, moon gold (gold with a touch of silver blend), variegated leaf (with a mixture of different colours in the leaf).  White gold and genuine silver are also options.