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Overmantels Media FAQs

We are proud to unveil Overmantels Media, a technological development which enables flat screen TV’s to be hidden behind a beautiful mirror for the ultimate fusion of formal elegance and modern living.  Our new range is designed to appeal to anyone who is anxious not to let today’s large flat screen TVs dominate their rooms.


Q) Why buy an Overmantels TV Mirror?

Our founder Seth Taylor had the idea a number of years ago after decades of fitting his exquisite mirrors into the finest homes.  He wanted to find a solution that would re-capture the focal point in rooms in which entertainment viewing plays a role. 

As you’d expect with Overmantels, we don’t cut corners with this state of the art, luxury design service and we offer 60 traditional and contemporary styles of frames, aligned to cinema quality viewing.

Overmantels Media has been under development for 18 months because we wanted to ensure the end product complements Overmantels’ unique heritage in superb British craftsmanship.

A lot of R&D has also gone into the adaptions required to our frames to make the finished look seamless.  You really would never guess a TV could possibly be concealed within until you turn on the TV – it’s fun to see the astonished reaction when you show people for the first time.  We are very proud of what has been achieved with this new range. 

Q) Other than TV viewing what else can a TV Mirror do?

Smart TVs are now indeed smart! Use the screen for all sorts of work and play – make Skype calls & see your loved ones on a super-sized screen; ping your photos from your mobile/ tablet to your big screen at the touch of an app; make power-point presentations; on-line internet browsing.  The functionality depends only on the model of smart TV you purchase – our contractors can give you expert selection advice here.

Q) What is the typical selection process for TV Mirrors? 

1)  Start by choosing the frame you like (or oeuvre and ask us for some selection guidance).  You can choose from almost our entire range of 65 set styles – except perhaps an small oval or round frame! 

2) Decide where you want to hang it and hence the size of space available for the mirror.  If it is over a mantelpiece we ask for 4 measurements to correctly size the ideal mirror frame for you.  See guide Measuring Up.

3)  What size TV?  We can cater for any size TV.  Almost all of our standard sizes fit at least a 42” widescreen TV and if the standard size does not fit the TV size you want, we can make a frame to fit your desired TV dimensions.

4)  Design considerations:  Some customers choose styles where the TV screen fills the mirrored space to the edge – a powerful effect as shown in this Pier Glass TV mirror; the other option is to have a border and so the TV screen floats within the mirror e.g. this Large Regency Mirror.  Both are popular.

5)  The next choice is the finish – antique gold or silver leaf are popular choices, we also have more muted/ bronzed gilts, ivory and French wash are also popular.  We regularly match the recessed sides to customer’s exact wall paint for an utterly bespoke finish.

6)  Finally place the order and wait for your custom made mirror to be made.  Lead times are 6 - 8 weeks for standard frames and up to 12 weeks if fully bespoke size.

Q) How much do Overmantels Media products cost?

Our prices start at £1,950.


Q) Does the TV Mirror provided include the TV?

No, the TV is additional.  You choose the TV you want and we will build you a custom frame that will be tailor made to fit it.  We want you to have the widest market choice available for your slim-line LED TV hence we have only a few selection criteria – see answer below.

Q) Which TVs can be used inside Overmantels' TV Mirrors?

Our TV mirrors work with a large range of modern thin screen LED TVs, this is most of the market but we do have a few simple requirements:

1.    We can only work with LED TVs as plasma emits too much heat for a TV mirror.

2.    It must be a fairly new version of good quality so that the screen brightness is sufficient – our research showed Panasonic and Samsung to have very bright screens but they are not the only good ones.

3.    It must be thin – this is so that a flush to the wall fit can be achieved so the mirror is truly secret until switched on through the mirror.

4.    It should have the connecting cables entering from the side or upwards but not directly out the back – this is again so the TV can be hung flat to the wall and hence the mirror is fit snug to the wall.  It would not be impossible for us to work around this, particularly with some TV mirror styles.

In short you choose the TV you want and we do the bespoke work to make the mirror TV fit that TV.

Q) Can I use my existing TV?

Perhaps – please see the answer above, if it meets these simple requirements then it should be no problem. If in doubt contact us!

Q) Do you have any slim line TV recommendations?

We have done our TV market research and can happily share our findings.  The TV market updates rapidly so sites like are good for impartial and up to date reviews and comparisons.  Our recommended electricians buy wholesale and claim they can almost always beat published prices – we can put you in touch too.  They know our TV mirror requirements too having worked together on many projects.


Q) How good is the sound quality?

The frame and glass don't block any of the sound, so you get the same high quality sound you'd get from any other flat screen TV.  Some customers elect to augment sound quality using external sound systems.

Q) How good is the picture quality?

The TV Mirror glass does not affect clarity or brightness. HD and 3D formats are unaffected.   We recommend both Panasonic and Samsung TV’s.  We found their Picture quality to be the excellent. Ultimately, the picture quality will depend on the TV that you buy.

Q) Can I see the TV Mirror in person before buying?

Yes – please come and visit us and see our TV Mirrors in action in our London Showroom (we love seeing people’s initial reaction).  The only visible parts of the TV are the frame and the mirror, so once you have seen them you know what it will look like.

Q) What Can I Connect To My Mirror TV?

Anything the TV you selected allows for - none of the functionality of the TV is reduced due to the Mirror.  We recommend when installing your TV and chasing cables into the wall you do so for all connections you might need at the outset.  Though later access is not a problem (see maintenance below).


Q) How easy is it to install the Mirror TV?

The Installation of the TV will take roughly 2 hours for a trained professional. The first task is to mount the TV and hide the wiring in the wall.   We work with a team of electricians whom we highly recommend for their service and experience installing TVs & sound systems.  In only a few hours all cables are chased into the walls with no blemish or dust remaining.  They do projects all over the UK (and even abroad) – their typical cost is c.£200.  We can put you directly in touch.

The Mirror simply mounts on top of the TV. Due to the large size and weight of some of our frames this is a two man job. The Mirror can be removed easily in case of the need to carry out TV maintenance

Q) What about the fiting of the TV & hiding the cables?

For the best installation, run the cables back through the wall to hide them. Alternatively, you can use cable tunneling, which can be painted to the match the wall. You can easily find cable tunneling at your local Home Depot or A/V installer.

You may wish to use an electrician familiar with TV installation is needed to help fit the TV and chase all the TV cables into the wall.  Additionally, to get the TV to sit as close as possible to the wall we do need you to use a special bracket, which we can supply (£35). 

Q) Do you install and fit the TV Mirror?

Within London area, we offer a fitting service for installing the TV-Mirror to fit over your TV.  For outside of this area we offer a comprehensive fitting guide for each of our various styles.  We will have made the fittings at the back of the frame cut specifically for your TV – you having given us already the model number and the hanging height.  It will then just be a case of sliding the frame over the TV and hanging the frame as normal.  Full guidance will be given.

Q) How fast can I get it?

We typically have your customized TV Mirror ready for installation within 6 - 8 weeks.  We also offer an optional rush service where we put all of our other projects aside to get your TV done on an expedited timeline, please enquire for details.


Q) TV Problems:  Maintenance/ Replacements

If you need to access your TV at a later stage, such as for repair, simply remove the Mirror – it slides off and your TV is revealed.  

Q) TV Upgrade – What if I want a bigger TV later?

If you have chosen a style that allows for a bigger TV within the Mirror frame dimensions there should be no problem in altering the backboard at a later stage to then fit a larger TV.  Just contact us at the time – there may be a basic charge for this follow-up service.  

Q) Mirror Problems: Maintenance/ Replacements

If the mirror frame becomes damaged, please contact us we do offer a repair service.  If you accidently chip your mirror we have some easy to apply blemish waxes for a quick fix we can send you.


Q) Is the “Overmantels Media” product range and service unique?

We are not the first or only company to offer a mirror than can be used for viewing and interacting with entertainment.  Where we are unique, is the craftsmanship and choice available for the handcrafted frames and the quality of specification we use for the mirror that ensures the quality of viewing is pixel perfect.  We offer more mirror frame options for your TV and entertainment monitor than anyone else - in both traditional and contemporary styles.

Our competitors in the TV mirror market are more focused on simply hiding the TV inside a frame or have a focus on the TV technology they are promoting – we found that picking from the simple frame options somewhat analogous to going to a picture framing shop.  Our passion and expertise is in designing and crafting stunning mirror frames as treasured pieces of wall art.  We therefore feel confident that new Overmantels Media has a unique place in the market as an aesthetically pleasing solution for viewing entertainment.