Delivery & Fitting

How long from purchase until I get my mirror?

For our main collection of standard set designs we specify four to six weeks from purchase to being ready for delivery – although regularly come well within that.   Each frame is finished according to the customer’s specifications. 

For a bespoke design, being a genuine collaboration between the Overmantels team and client, we allow a longer lead time of typically 8 – 10 weeks and up to 12 weeks if very complex.  That said we can do rush orders.

Delivery – what does it cost & who by?

For addresses within the M25 (and often beyond too) we can deliver and install your mirror.  For projects further afield and abroad we have a tested and respected courier network.  

For our TV Mirrors we do travel much futher to do the precision installation - prices will be quoted according to location.

i)    London Area:  We offer a delivery only or fit & delivery service.  Price varies according to distance and size of mirror but typically delivery only is c.£80 and fitting with delivery c.£150.  For TV Mirrors the price starts at £250 and increases according to distance.

ii)   UK – South & Central & North:  Courier standard charge is £120

iii)  UK – Scotland:  Typical Courier charge is £175

iv)  UK – extreme remote fringes: No typical charge, customised quote

v)   Isle of Wight: Typical charge is c.£90

vi)  Outside of UK: No typical charge, customised quote.  We will liaise with your chosen shippers or we can recommended shippers to you.

Prices are inclusive of VAT

For additional mirrors within the UK there is only a small surcharge (c.£14/mirror) for carriage of additional mirrors at the same time. 

Customers are of course welcome to collect for free from our Battersea showroom or Wandsworth workshop.  At customer’s request and own risk we can send wrapped mirrors by taxi to your address. You are very welcome to choose alternative couriers to take delivery of your mirror if you find better quotes elsewhere.

Are you able to fulfill orders abroad?  How?

The answer is yes we have sold to clients across the world from Japan, New Zealand to USA.  We work with reliable and recommended shipping firms who will organize door to door delivery.  We have many clients in the US and across Europe. 

Can you fit mirrors?  

Yes, if your location is within the M25 (& often just beyond is OK too) - prices vary according to exact location and size and number of mirrors but is typically around £185.

How is the mirror fixed to the wall?

There are three methods:

  1. The first, and most common, uses mirror plates: 2 small lugs which protrude from the frame and are fixed to the wall.  Not load-bearing, these lugs are best used on overmantel mirror where the mirror is totally supported by the mantelpiece. 
  2. Secondly for free hanging mirrors, we recommend two screws drilled in to the wall, we will provide the hanging straps.  NO chains or picture wire must be used in hanging our mirrors unless specifically directed.
  3. Finally for customers who don’t want to have visible lugs we can install hidden fixings which leave your mirror flush to the wall.  This provides a fantastic fit but we must warn this is not easy to fit yourself without experience – it’s really tricky!

Delivery – what happens if damaged in transit?

Our workshop signs off that the mirror is in perfect shape when wrapped.  With your delivery slip you will receive notice requesting you to carefully unwrap, inspect and sign for your mirror(s).  If there is any damage,  you must notify the courier and they will return the mirror to us for repair at no cost to you.  If you find any damage or shortage or other problem with your delivery you must contact us within 24 hours.