Bespoke Mirrors & Tailoring Service

1)    What is your bespoke service?

We specialise in made-to-measure frames, so if our standard sizes do not fit we can either alter our existing frames or custom make a mirror to your specific dimensions.  We can also alter the finish or ornamentation of any of our standard range).

We can also design a completely new style exactly to your specification.  We have extensive experience working with leading interior decorators designing and crafting mirrors for any brief.  We enjoy working with our clients to come up with a stunning piece that perfectly complements any interior. 


2)    How do I know if a standard size will work?

Let us help! If you provide us with the dimensions of the space available for the mirror we can then provide some selection advice from our standard range and advice what tailoring can be done at least cost.  If it is for an overmantel/ over fireplace use this diagram to provide the 4 key dimensions required.  Further guidance on optimal proportions is given in our Measuring Up page.  

We may also be able to suggest another similar looking frame that will fit your space without needing to go bespoke.

3)    Can standard sizes be altered without going fully bespoke?

Yes! Often it is possible to tailor the frame without needing to go to a more expensive fully made-to-measure option.  A number of our standard sizes can be cut-down in height for a small additional fee; similarly protruding feet can be tailored in length. 

4)    Can the look of standard models be altered?

You can also customise many of the ornamental details of a standard mirror – such as swapping the shell top for one seen on another frame or adding/removing beading or balls.  All these modifications can be made at only a small tailoring charge.  Frames with friezes are inherently highly customisable too – pick from any of our frieze styles. 

Don’t forget all the frames can be finished in any of our standard finishes and finishes can be altered in tone and effect upon request.  We can even do paint colour matching for a perfect blend with your existing room colour scheme. 

As mentioned above, many frames can be shortened in height.  Widening is more complex and requires our bespoke service – we are happy to send a quote (within 1-2 business days).

5)    How much extra does it cost to go fully bespoke?

On average a made-to-measure frame costs c.30% more than a standard frame. 

Customisation of a standard style can be done at minimal cost – such as £50 to trim down a mirror in height or it costs £50 – £100 to add one of our decorative embellishments (such as side finials or a shell or other top).  Adding beading varies according to frame size but typically (£35).