Pier Glass TV Mirrors

Pier Glass TV Mirrors

Our 18th Century Pier Glass styles have the option of the TV screen filling the frame to the very edge - a really stand out effect.  These frames suit free hanging and so are very versatile for positioning wherever you want to hang a beautiful piece of reflective art and watch a TV!

There are many variations of friezes and the frieze paint can be made to match your walls for a truly bespoke finish.  Overmantels has carefully amassed one of the largest collections of original and authentic frieze moulds.  This frame can also be finished very simply for a much more contemporary 'feel'.

It’s fun to see the astonished reaction when you show people for the first time.  Switch on and the mirrored glass gives way to bright, crisp images.  Your large black-box television is completely hidden.  

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Standard Sizes

Our wider Pier glasses (No 28A and No29) can accomodate a TV in their standard size and we can make to fit your specified TV size too.

The wide Pier glasses (No29) is made to measure to fit up to a 55" TV for £3,220

The 3/4 Pier glasses (No28) can fit a 34" TV in our standard size (£2,590 as a TV Mirror)

Similar in style is our Triptych (panel) mirrors (No 26 & 27) - with the central panel concealing your TV.  Prices from £2,800

All our mirrors can be modified in size and we can custom make the frame so your TV fully fills the screen size you have chosen.

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